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Easy to play "Xuan Zang", you can also!

an examination 1. Check the arm body and deploy the aircraft to install the propeller (note: the difference between the positive and negative propellers). 2, the main power battery, camera battery check ·. 3. Set camera parameters, install power battery, shutter cable and camera. Electrical -----

The smart desk lamp designed by double MCU, let's d…

Smart desk lamps collect and process optical signals through light sensors and smartphone cameras, using leading optical calibration algorithms to illuminate the light for optimal working or reading conditions, maximizing visual comfort. Connect t-----

Lynx 618 benefits "0" yuan purchase Bor H19 I…

With the fierce hit of the annual Tmall Mall in 618, the high popularity TV box Kaiboer H19 II launched the “insured price” along with multiple gift sales promotions, including a mango VIP card worth 300 yuan. Values ​​of 128 yuan for the small y ga-----

How to make a mobile phone without a light bulb?

After Edison invented the light bulb, the world became a bright light, and the lights we saw were not much different. Whether it was an incandescent lamp or a led light , the light bulb must be the most important part of a lamp. You may not have thought about the light in the world with no light bu-----

Smart TV online watch Warcraft TV application sharing

PPTV renamed the same force, won the "World of Warcraft" network broadcast rights As an entertainment game that has been popular in the Internet, "World of Warcraft" occupies a special position in many 80,90 hearts, in the circle of friends last night, -----

Star MW320R router is set up not how to solve the probl…

Star MW320R router is set up not how to solve the problem? My router is a Mercury MW320R. I have set it up according to the instructions, but I cannot access the Internet. What is the problem? How to solve? A: There are two reasons why the Mercury MW320R router cannot acces-----

What else can I do besides ROS robot autonomous positio…

With the warming of domestic robots in the past two years, autonomous positioning and navigation technology as the first step of intelligent robotization has been attracting attention in the industry. In order to achieve this function, many manufacturers choose to use the robot opera-----