See how smart lighting leads the trend of LED home lighting

All the home equipment in the house can be freely controlled in a few seconds. When you get home from work, a cup of hot tea, a warm and comfortable home is waiting for you; when you leave, the home lighting will automatically turn off; now All of this does not only ex

LED smart light bulb, how do you want to play

In the era when the Internet of Things is being ripened, how to make the family smarter seems to be the next focus of attention. What is intelligence, intelligence is the more people! Come! The more! Lazy! Now smart TVs and routers seem to have no place to go, the refrigerator microwave oven in

Domestic LED lighting the most personalized clothing store

Now "cottage" has reached the realm of no one knows, from the earliest "cottage phone" to "cottage digital camera", "cottage movie", "cottage T-shirt" even the Spring Festival Evening has appeared in the cottage version, and even "cottage&q

Intel puts down its stance and seizes market from Chinese chip makers

A topic that was most concerned by Chinese customers at the Intel Technology Summit (IDF) held in Shenzhen in the rainy days was the tablet opportunity mentioned by Intel Global CEO Ke Zaiqi. Ke Zaiqi said that Intel had missed the opportunity of tablet PCs, but now it