How to build UBI auto insurance data ecological chain?

According to market data, among the 42 large property insurance companies with auto insurance business in China, 38 have losses in auto insurance business, of which 20 companies have losses of more than 100 million yuan, and 6 have more than 200 million yuan. The main

Analysis of some technical terms about LED display

With the rapid development of LED display technology, it has been widely used in all walks of life, but for the novice, many of the technical terms of LED display are not understood, then what are the common terminology of LED display? What?

1. LED brightness:

Leite Technology implements the first equity incentive plan

In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm, responsibility and mission of the senior management and core employees of Leite, attract talents, realize the company's sustained, rapid and healthy development, encourage individuals and companies t

How to build Chinese version of Bosch and Delphi?

To a certain extent, setting up the entry barrier for electric vehicles and ensuring the healthy development of new energy vehicles will focus on the core components of electric vehicles, forming China’s core competitiveness, and fostering and cultivating China

Spreadtrum Helps China Mobile to jointly launch a $50 VoLTE solution

The 2016 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) is in full swing in Barcelona and is highly regarded by the world's communications industry. Following the opening of the first day of February 22, Spreadtrum launched its first 16-nm 64-bit 8-core 5-mode LTE So

Wireless link solutions improve the efficiency of medical applications

Two things that happened recently made me have the idea to write this article. I've written several articles about field-programmable radio frequency (FPRF) devices that can be almost universal wireless devices. I recently stayed in the hospital for two weeks, givi