In 2017 55 inch 4k TV recommended 3000 or so high-end fine models!

The 55-inch is not very small, and the medium-sized is particularly popular. It was rated as the most popular size in 2016, and it is also the best-selling TV size. The 3000+ is also the most reasonable introduction of the public family. Today, the small lemon green For

Mi millet red rice note 4x phone out of the box

On this winter vacation home, my grandmother said that her cell phone had dropped from 100 to 40-50% after 5 minutes of phone calls. She left the house and did nothing at all. There was only less than 50% of the electricity left to go home. Now only Plugg

Smart TV flagship, this feature you have?

If you want to buy a TV, what factors do you consider?
Price, size is certainly the most important, appearance, intelligent systems, hardware performance, video resources are also very important, 4K resolution, the new input and output interface i