TV common sense daily new knowledge: the best viewing distance of TV

When choosing a flat-panel TV, choosing a product with a large size is also something that netizens need to pay attention to. Buying TV is the most taboo subjective willingness, and the bigger the better. For example, if your friends buy 55-inch, then I also buy 55-inch, otherwise I feel "

TV big class: Analyze what is screen brightness

Brightness refers to the brightness of the picture, in units of candela per square meter (cd/m2) or nits. Candelas per square meter (cd/m2) or nits means the brightness of the candle per square meter, which is the light intensity per unit area. One of the major shortcomings of early LCD TVs and

TV common sense daily new knowledge: what kind of color TV radiation is large

The size of the LCD TV radiation is related to its manufacturing process and quality. Some low-quality miscellaneous LCD TVs will generate strong electromagnetic waves. According to the relevant departments in 2006, some LCD TV radiation was actually measured. The results show that some small b

TV big class: comprehensive analysis of color numbers and tuner

The number of colors of the LCD TV is the total number of colors that the LCD TV can display. The number of colors in an LCD TV is determined by two factors. One is the number of colors that the LCD panel can represent, and the other is the number of colors that the internal circuit can handle.

Indoor appliances will also be struck by lightning.

Last Sunday, Beijing ushered in the biggest rainstorm this year. It was reported that two people were suspected of being killed by lightning. Beijing almost thunderstorms last week, and it is said that this week is no exception. In fact, the thunderstorms are not the same in Beiji

Share: LED full color display light distribution solution

LED display screen is an electronic display that combines high-tech technologies such as computer technology, information processing technology, electronic technology, optics and colorimetry. Generally speaking, LED display screen is divided