USB3.0 technical specifications and signal integrity analysis

First, SuperSpeed ​​USB interface

The USB 3.0 era has just begun.

The USB 3.0 standard was developed by Intel and HP, NEC, NXP, Microsoft and Texas Instruments. The goal of USB 3.0 is to provide ten times the current bandw

Mobile phone low power consumption and high audio quality design scheme

In today's mobile phone market, whether it is Xiaomi, or related products of leading manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, all show the importance of music playback and audio quality in the design of mobile phones. Higher audio quality and more powerful speakers

Technical Analysis: LED Power Inductive DC-DC Boost Principle

Inductance is a component we use for a long time in transformer design. Its main function is to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it. It should be noted that although the structure of the inductor is similar to a transformer, it has only one winding. Th

Comparative analysis of LED soft screen and conventional LED display

Speaking of LED display screens, I believe many people will be familiar with them, but do you know about LED soft screens? Do you know how it differs from conventional LED displays? This article will take you to understand some characteristics of LED soft screen.

LED display screen

Design of Large Screen Display Control System Based on ARM+FPGA

0 Preface

With the development of computer and semiconductor technology, LED large-screen display system has become a display device integrating computer control, video, optoelectronics, microelectronics, communication and digital image process

Application of FANUC welding robot control system

Welding is a very important processing method in industrial production. At the same time, due to the presence of welding fumes, arcs and metal splashes, the working environment of welding is very bad. With the gradual improvement of labor costs and the improvement of welding