The world's top five smart watch solutions are revealed!

In the realm of smart hardware, smart watches are not new. Samsung Sony's smart watches have already achieved the second generation, but the shortcomings in battery life, application scenarios, industrial design and so on have made them always topical but not big s

Fashion rookie "whispering" layout East China

[Text|High-tech LED lighting channel Shanghai station reporter He Ying] In the home lighting market, there are not many brands that target high-end and product design as a selling point. The new Terry "whisper" is a fashion

Stadium lighting design considerations

Before watching the "Super Bowl" competition on February 3, 2013, no one ever thought that they would witness the blackout in a world-class competition. After a large number of high-pressure gas discharge lamps suddenly went out, the fans, officials, staff and game players spent 34 mi

Is the self-driving car ready for the road challenge?

I participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year and managed to take the Inducts driverless car Navia on a closed road at 12.5 mph. The whole process gives me a very safe feeling. But I still can't be sure that I will give the software, laser radar and came

Influence of unreliable components in fan system

The logic control of the fan is implemented using conventional electrical components (relays, contactors, etc.) and digital display control instruments. It is not included in the control system, and the control system only completes the collection of fan detection data. The stability and r