Advantages of LED energy-saving retrofit in contract energy management

At present, more and more LED lamps are replacing traditional lighting fixtures and are used in lighting display, advertising lighting, underwater lighting, architectural lighting, street lighting and other applications.
The Chinese government has adopted "energy saving a

Notebook computer testing steps

Notebook computer testing steps After many people bought computers, they did not know the specific configuration of their computers. In order to verify whether the configuration of the comp

Learn about LED projectors, LED projector principles and basic parameters

In recent years, LED projectors have slowly entered the homes of many users, and more and more people use LED projectors. What is an LED projector? How do you see if the LED projector is suitable for you? Know the information and you know what kind of LED projector is right for you.
The b

Research on LED imaging distribution photometer

The luminaire distribution photometer is a large-scale precision optical test equipment, which is an essential equipment for luminaire distribution photometric measurement. The traditional distribution photometer is mainly a mechanical structure, and the whole three-dimension

OSRAM launches Duris S 8 for multi-chip LEDs for indoor lighting

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors introduces the new Duris S 8 , a multi-chip, high-power new force for the Duris S LED series. This LED is finely grouped and provides excellent color consistency when combined with high brightness. This new Duris S is mainly