Several test power supplies

1. The soft-start power supply is mainly used in applications requiring small power supply shocks. The circuit diagram is shown in Figure 1. Many amplifier designs. Whether it is DIY or commercial circuit. When the power is turned on, it will generate a strong

LED display LED smart tube in the spring of 2012

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the most eye-catching "eyeball" is the unpredictable and beautiful 3D stage.
It is understood that this 3D stereo stage is the stage created by Shenzhen Jinlixiang Technology Co., Ltd., which uses 8000 square meters of LED display

OSRAM's 2011 revenue increased 7.5% year-on-year

Osram's fiscal year 2011 (October 10 to November 11) revenue reached 5 billion euros (about 6.5 billion US dollars), an annual increase of 7.5%, the number of employees worldwide is about 40,000, although the stoc