Skyworth Q+ TV Box Evaluation

The smart box has quickly flowed into the market. The smart TV box has also developed very fast. Many people are unable

How to Watch TV Live with Wodou Lockbox

Today, the family watching TV has gradually bid farewell to traditional television, ordinary TV can also access the Internet through the set-top box, to achieve the Internet TV. In recent years, with the popularity of Tektronix WEBOX, LeTV, and Xiaomi, the Internet set-

China's automotive IC market grows strong, Freescale wins first

According to the latest report from market research institute IHS, China's automotive IC market revenue is estimated to account for 11% of the overall automotive IC market in 2015, with a scale of US$6.2 billion. Although China's auto sales growth rate has slow

Design of Signal Transmitter Controller Based on ARM44B0x

The article selects the S3C44B0x processor as the controller core, develops the agreed keyboard, menu operation and LCD display program data acquisition and processing to realize the software PC communication protocol and implementation software, completes the data acquisi

Android smart TV box internal illustration

Everyone has seen so many set-top boxes on the sofa forum. What is inside a set-top box? , Xiaobian did not know the true colors of the original. However, to

Applying Automated Technology to Reduce Hazardous Area Operations

Jonas Berge, Application Director of Process Control Technology at Emerson, explained in this article that the application of WirelessHART technology to upgrade the plant can help reduce the risk of accidents and minimize the risk of operations.


Skyworth 65 inch high-end large screen TV recommended

In recent years, various large-scale films have become more frequent. Many friends have sighed that most of the monthly salary is dedicated to the cinemas, and the frequent return trips to the major movie theaters are really a bit crumbled. Do you want to see a movie, o

Teach you how to build your own studio

Thanks to the continuous advancement of digital technology, everyone can record at home. Everyone can have a recording studio of their own. Building a professional studio requires a lot of time and money, but the result will definitely make you feel. Great value.