Calculation formula of circular curve coordinates

The formula for calculating the coordinates of the pile side piles in a circular curve:
X = XZY + 2 & TImes; R & TImes; SIN (L ÷ 2R) & TImes; COS {αα ± (L ÷ 2R)} + S & TImes; COS {α ± (L

Qualcomm will support Glonass navigation on Snapdragon S2, S3 chips

Qualcomm has planned to provide support for 27 Russian GLONASS navigation satellites on the mid-end models S2 and S3 of its Snapdragon mobile processor. Previously, it supported GPS communication with 24 satellites.

Smartphones usually require at least 4

Reusable audio technology for tablets

As pressure to reduce development costs drives the reuse of hardware and software platforms across multiple form factors (or even multiple applications), top consumer electronics manufacturers can use components that are as flexible and reconfigurable as possible Benef

Detailed explanation of nine major problems of ATM monitoring

With the high incidence of ATMs in recent years, various commercial banks have strengthened video surveillance measures for ATMs and installed professional monitoring systems. However, due to the particularity of ATM monitoring, many common monitoring fields have not b

Basic principle of video decoder in monitoring and inspection system

Video inspection systems have been widely used in commercial and industrial fields. Cameras-from cheap and low-resolution products in black-and-white closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems to advanced and high-resolution products in digital video systems-are used for

DCS and its role in CIMS system

DCS is the abbreviation of Distributed Control System, which is commonly used in China as a distributed control system. It is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level with communication network as the link. It integra

Ten tips for making speakers

How can you make a set of speakers that you are content with? This article introduces ten tips

Tip one: Select the appropriate unit caliber of the speaker unit to understand the technical parameters of the unit. It is best if the unit has been "paired"