Electronic code lock design

Design an electronic password lock, enter the password in the locked state, the password is 4 digits, use the data switch K1K10 to represent the numbers 1, 2, ..., 9, 0 respectively, the input password is displayed by the digital tube, and the last input The pas

The most revealing data of Expo lighting

The Expo Axis Art Lighting Landscape created by Shanghai Guangmao Guangyi Technology Co., Ltd. has created the most revealing data of the Expo Art Lighting Landscape Design:

The most important art design of the

Hao Luoxi: The Light of Expo from Technology to Art

During the 2010 Shanghai International New Light Source & New Energy Forum, Hao Luoxi made a report on the theme of 'Expo Light, from Technology to Art'. The Expo has always been regarded as the biggest event for human technolog

Emergency lighting design

Emergency lighting is an important safety facility for modern public buildings and industrial buildings. It is closely related to personal safety and building safety. When a building has a fire or other disaster, accompanied by a power outage, emergenc