60Hz time base signal generator

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The circuit is composed of 12 binary serial counters/dividers

Hisense leads the LED TV

China's color TV industry has once again reached the crossroads. This time, the main battlefield of the decisive battle is on LED TV.

In August, domestic color TV companies such as TCL, Changhong and Konka issued semi-annual repo

LED chips are too suspicious of foreign investment

Market rumors that Samsung Electronics will reduce the led TV shipment forecast, LED chip supply surplus concerns widened, Macquarie Securities on the 6th cut global LED chip stocks evaluation, etc., among which the Taiwan stock index of the crysta

LG seizes 30% of Taiwan's 3D LCD TV market share

According to LG Taiwan, LG Electronics has launched 47-inch and 55-inch 3D LED-backlit LCD TVs on the Taiwan market on August 2, with shipments expected to reach 1,000 units and capture local 3D LCD TV market share. 30%.

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