Samsung Releases Smart TV App: Designed for Color Blind Users

January 21 news For color-blind users, watching TV may be a painful thing, but now with the development of science and technology, in the future, color-blind users can watch TV programs like normal people. Samsung is currently collaborating with Colorlite, a Hungarian c

Everyone is Pixar! Software to Create 3D Movies in VR World

Animated movies require only a HTCVive and Mindshow software. Just like playing “My World” Mindshow is the first VR animation tool with many interesting concepts. First, it has a huge sandbox world that allows users to create virtual

The role, classification and test methods of the oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is a widely used electronic measuring instrument. It can transform the electrical signals that are invisible to the naked eye into visible images, so that people can study the changes of various electrical phenomena. The oscilloscope uses a narrow beam

Bedroom, living room smart TV good inventory

This year's Spring Festival is exceptionally early. During this period of time before the year, various households will inevitably purchase some new products and replace a few new pieces of furniture. Then why wouldn’t you want to replace a good TV and watch

CES God spit: Is AI really going to "bad street"?

On the eve of the launch of CES 2017, the alias "Alpha Dog" defeated 60 masters including Ke Jie, who ranked first in the world, and announced the victory of artificial intelligence again in the fast game. Following the CES just opened, CCTV's beauty repo

Samsung, LG OLED technology leading competitors for 5 years

Guo Taiming, the chairman of Hon Hai Group, recently made a move to recruit Japan and Japan, but in the eyes of Korean experts, Samsung and LG, which have a first-mover advantage, will still dominate the OLED panel market in the next five

2016 is not VR first year or because technology is not used in life

In August 2016, VR Dimension published an article. At the beginning of last year, I wrote an article called "The biggest challenge of virtual reality: don't become the next generation of 3D TV." The author of this article, Kalev Leetaru, has more than 10

Switzerland recognizes Windows 10 violation of privacy law

Foreign media news, the Swiss data protection agency "Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Committee (FDPIC)" announced that after investigation, Windows 10 violated the Swiss information protection law by automatically