Detailed description of various new brake control systems

In order to improve the safety of the car, in addition to the standard configuration of ABS, some new brake control systems are still being introduced. Such as electronic brake force distribution system EBD (Electronic Braking Force Distribution), curve brake control system CBC (Curve Bra

Talking about mixed light source technology

When talking about new light sources, everyone should first think of LEDs, and then it is a bullish laser source. However, the most popular light source technology in the near future is the laser LED hybrid light source, which really makes everyone a bit surprised. In

Revelation of Philips' Q2 LED performance growth of 37% in 2012

According to a financial report released recently by the Dutch manufacturer Philips, the growth of healthcare products and LED lighting performance coupled with cost-reduction measures have improved the company's second quarter operating income and net pro

Japan's air-conditioning industry hit the international market

According to the RecordJapan website, in recent years, as Korean household appliances have entered the international market on a large scale, the presence of Japanese household appliances has somewhat faded. However, in such an adversity, Japan's air-condi

When energy-saving meets high-priced LED lights applause

As a new generation of light sources that are free from mercury pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, in recent years, national and local governments at all levels have vigorously promoted LED lighting, and various policies have benefited freq

Solid State Relay AQY212EH Recent Price Analysis

Recently, AQY212EH models offer more active business, the original spot, the reference price range reported: 3.0 yuan / pcs --- 8.0 yuan / pcs, the price is relatively stable. The current minimum retail reference price is: 8.0 yuan / pcs, 1000pcs or more, the

Leqing's unique "vibration sounding" technology

[Audio Network Information] The resonant audio industry is not a violent industry. In the case that domestic independent innovation technologies have not reached the developed level, the most critical core competitiveness of the industry lies in scale and

LED packaging companies' performance declines

[Source: "High-tech LED - Research and Review" May issue / reporter Hu Yanling] LED upstream chip overcapacity cloud has not been dispersed, in April, major LED packaging listed companies ann