Low-end capacity spoiler LED industry looming channel war

Backlighting and illumination are the two leading directions for LED applications today, with consistent growth expectations. In response to the widely controversial view that "LED will become the second photovoltaic industry", the repo

How to choose the topology of the LED driver power supply

The high reliability of LEDs (lifetime over 50,000 hours), high efficiency ("120 lumens/watt" and near-instantaneous responsiveness make it an attractive source of light. Compared to the response time of an incandescent bulb of 200mS, the LED will illuminate

Research on Perceptual System of Wearable Lower Limb Booster

1 Introduction

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The wearable lower limb assisting robot is a kind of auxiliary rehabilitation robot, and is a power assisting device that helps people to expand the lower limbs' movement ability. The basic pr

Hitachi develops a GaN template for white LED epitaxy

Hitachi Cable Co., Ltd. announced that it has successfully developed a new mass production technology for the high-quality gallium nitride (GaN) single crystal film grown on sapphire substrates, and has begun sales.

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