LED lighting fully harvested agricultural lighting market

Abstract: Domestic LED application in the agricultural market is only a few short years. Recently, some analysts predict that the LED agricultural lighting market will begin to see revenue within two years. The specific analysis results are based on the follow

Definition and measurement of passband

The passband is used to measure the amplification capability of the amplifier circuit for different frequency signals. Due to the presence of reactive components such as capacitance, inductance, and junction capacitance of the semiconductor device in the amplifier circ

Four national standards for electric vehicles introduced

Recently, it was learned from the National Automobile Standardization Technical Committee that at the Chongqing Conference held by the Standardization Technical Committee Electric Vehicle Sub-Technical Committee at the end of April, “Conducted Charging I

Design of pre-amplifier circuit for weak optical signal


Photoelectric detection technology is an emerging detection technology that combines optics and electronics [1]. It mainly uses electronic technology to detect optical signals and further transfer, store, control, calculate and display

Portable product EMI filtering solution

Mobile phones are one of the most popular portable electronic products in recent years. In each mobile phone, there must be at least one SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card for user identification and storage of data. In the new smart phones, most mobile phone brands

Elpida Times Decline and DRAM Opportunities

According to DRAMeXchange, a research division of Trendforce, one month after Elpida filed for bankruptcy protection, the DRAM industry began to report consolidation news. Elpida also attempted to protect itself by spending money on financial restructuring and

New iPad parallel price dropped 750 yuan in three days

On March 16th, Apple’s new-generation iPad, “Thenew iPad”, was put on sale in Hong Kong by appointment, leaving many “Oxbow” who went to Hong Kong to buy it. However, this did not affect the Hong Kong version of sales in Shenzhen