Elpida Times Decline and DRAM Opportunities

According to DRAMeXchange, a research division of Trendforce, one month after Elpida filed for bankruptcy protection, the DRAM industry began to report consolidation news. Elpida also attempted to protect itself by spending money on financial restructuring and

New iPad parallel price dropped 750 yuan in three days

On March 16th, Apple’s new-generation iPad, “Thenew iPad”, was put on sale in Hong Kong by appointment, leaving many “Oxbow” who went to Hong Kong to buy it. However, this did not affect the Hong Kong version of sales in Shenzhen

Intel plans to launch set-top box to enter the Internet TV field

March 14 news, according to foreign media reports, related sources said that Intel, as the world's largest chip maker, is currently considering implementing an Internet TV service, the service can be used on televisions, computers and mobile devices .

CMOS-dominated mobile device sensing market

Nowadays, the camera equipment has been continuously updated, and various high-efficiency functions have been continuously improved, making the sensor requirements of the camera equipment higher and higher. In the past, the CCD sensor was used for processing,

Gartner: This year's semiconductor annual growth rate to 4%

International research and consulting firm Gartner announces the latest outlook report. Global semiconductor revenue is expected to reach US$316 billion in 2012, up 4% from 2011. Bryan Lewis, vice president of research at Gartner, said that the overall economi

Canon intends to use industrial robots to cut costs by $4.8 billion

March 14 news, according to foreign media reports, Japan's Canon company plans to cut at least 400 billion yen (about 4.84 billion US dollars) in the next four years the cost to ease the appreciation of the yen and the European economy may slow down the im