Application and hardware design of VoIP voice card in router

The production of subwoofer

Subwoofer speakers, commonly known as subwoofers, have a very important role in creating a stunning momentum effect. Most brands sell home theater products in the form of a package consisting of an AV amplifier plus five speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer is alrea

Speaker system Q value

1. Qtc: the total Q value of the whole system of the speaker,

Second, the loss Q value of the cabinet:

Ql-Leakage loss Q value. Leakage caused by poor sealing of the cabinet and unit, usually this has a greater impact on the inverter box. The general va

Extraordinary timbre FU-50 push-pull amplifier production

Bile fever has been heating up since the 1990s. Its natural and honest. The extraordinary sound has become an old myth in the audio family.
Tube selection is very important. Some of the expensive guts are prohibitive. We are in a big country of tube production. Am

Meet the subwoofer

Few people in the world, like audiophiles, like to find troubles and deliberately go to "fever"! If unfortunately get into the subwoofer, it is scarred.

The subwoofer is the Subwoofer that everyone is familiar with. It has the ability to reproduce the