TI injects new vitality into the future of renewable energy

Imagine that every day in the future, everyone has the opportunity to use smart, cheap and green energy. TI's efforts in innovation are helping to make this vision a reality. At present, renewable energy accounts for nearly 10% of the world's total energy consu

Reflections on the monitoring of train compartments

First, the train carriage monitoring should achieve four major goals

The railway is the main artery of China's national economy. Railway passenger transport has occupied a pivotal position in China's personnel transportation for a long

Who will come to know how to use smart lighting?

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Wen Zhao] In 2014, the concept of "smart lighting" was fired, and its figure was active in major exhibitions; international giants such as Cree, Philips, and Osram launched smart products, with the intention of n