Sina Weibo seems to have nowhere to go

Sina Weibo seems to have nowhere to go From 80 US dollars in early 2011 to 135 U.S. dollars in April of that year, and then all the way down to 50 U.S. dollars - the development of Sina Wei

Sharp is expected to receive huge investment from Intel

On November 16, the stock price of the troubled Sharp Company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange rose 7.23% to 163 yen per share (1 US dollar is equivalent to 79.5 yen). Earlier reports said that Sharp may receive a huge capital injection from chip giant Int

Electronic Components: Output Accelerates First Global Innovation

Electronic components are an important part of the core industry of the information industry. They play a crucial role in the technological innovation and strengthening of the information industry. China has already formed the electronic component industrial s

Getting a deep consumer Lenovo is a successful LED brand

[Text / "High-tech LED - Lighting Market" September issue Zhou Jianhua finishing]

The future LED lighting belongs to enterprises with strong brand influence, whether it is upstream, midstream or downstream, this is

Delta UPS: Evergreen in the field of communication

Recently, Zhongda Dentsu Co., Ltd. once again defeated the group and won the bid for 2 sets of 320KVA UPS of IDC engine room of China Unicom Yanbian Branch and 3 sets of 400KVA UPS of China Telecom Changchun Company. This is another outstanding achievement of Delta UPS