The perfect picture quality experience Sony 65X8500D TV evaluation

Sony smart TV has always had a good reputation in the industry. In terms of the quality of smart TVs, almost no one dares to directly call Sony, and even the rumors of “Sony Dafa is good” are circulated. Sony X8500 has a 4K image processing chip, supports Te

Application of intelligent motor controller in a railway

1 Introduction

In the process of promoting social progress and economic development, the railway has always been in an important position. Since the railway operation, an important part of China's railway system has been mainly embodied in

How to remove unwanted custom broadcast sources from Tatelite videos

Dear friends, the emergence of custom features has brought us great benefits, because we can finally see the programs we want to see! But still a lot of friends do not know how to remove the need to delete unwanted custom source; today to teach everyone a trick, so that

UDC has developed a new AMOLED structure

Universal Display Corporation (UDC) has developed a new AMO LED structure, which is a WOLED-RGB hybrid structure. It uses large blue sub-pixels and large yellow sub-pixels that are divided into three regions - unfiltered and red and green filters.

Samsung's 7 new patents will appear in the next generation flagship

Recently, Samsung has applied for a large number of patents on new applications for smartphones, and these patents will have a certain degree of impact on the Galaxy S8 or later Samsung smartphones.

At present, the Galaxy S7 is the flagship model that Samsung h