Increase knowledge! How to evaluate LED strobe?

Do you have such a discovery? When we read a book under fluorescent light for a long time, the eyes are easily uncomfortable, even if the brightness of the fluorescent lamp is no different from the daytime.

Why is that? Experts have found through research that

Facebook's new technology can greatly reduce the stun of playing VR

Today, wearing a helmet to watch 360-degree video is nothing new, but many people still feel dizzy. Facebook recently announced a 360-degree video stabilization technology designed to reduce dizziness when watching.

It is reported that this new technology combi

Key Challenges for Tesla's Growth: Supply Chain

According to the website Oliprice, Tesla's goal is not only to occupy the field of electric vehicles, but also to occupy the field of solar cells, which will face greater difficulties in achieving this goal in the coming year. A large number of media reports in rec