"Internet +" Intel: Smart Security Makes the City Better

During the 15th China International Public Security Expo, Intel joined hands with partners including Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Suzhou Keda, Yushi Technology, and Huawei to showcase a series of end-to-end Intel-based platforms. The video solution reflects the "Int

55-65 inch large screen TV Which is a good exclusive technology

With more and more newcomers entering the TV market, the competition between traditional TV brands and upstart brands is no longer confined to the display effect of TV screens, smooth and smart operation content, rich popular source content, and perfect sound quality. I

Simple 8 strokes can effectively improve your WiFi signal

Everyone only knows that the better the quality of the router, the stronger the ability to transmit wifi signals. But in fact, what everyone doesn't know is that the router also has a spleen "device", not taking care of the temper of your router, but ther

How to deploy an unattended substation?

The wireless monitoring system of the unattended machine room in the power industry is mainly the operating state of the equipment room (such as power supply and distribution system, UPS power supply, air conditioning, fire protection system, security access control sy

LED medical lighting promising

LED medical lighting promising

This is an era in which the mind has opened, and it is an era of pursuing quality. In the era of increasingly strong technological support, people’s

Google conference held

Google conference held

At the Fall New Product Launch Conference, Google released the official version of Android M, two Nexus devices, two Chromecast devices, and Google's new Table

Analysis on Key Technical Problems of Avionics Communication System

Wang Shikui (China Institute of Aeronautical Computing Technology, Xi'an 710068, Shaanxi) Fund Project: This article was funded by the Fundamental Aviation Science Fund 00I31002.

One of the most important technologies in information integration technology is the avionics commun