How to analyze the failure of lighting LEDs?

Do you still remember the success of Op in the double eleven? 200 million yuan, we have seen LEDs have gradually become popular. However, although it has become popular, we still have a lot of LED failures during production and use. Here we talk

Nokia, will return to the smart phone market next year

Nokia has witnessed the youth of a generation. Whenever the familiar ringing sounds, it always wakes people up to the memory of their hearts. However, the cruel thing is that with the rise of smart phones, Nokia mobile phones began to decline, prosperous, until they we

Artificial intelligence becomes the future development direction of drones

Artificial intelligence is mainly divided into six types: human-like intelligence, imitation brain intelligence, autonomous intelligence, hybrid intelligence, cross-media intelligence, and community intelligence. What happens when an artificial intelligence drone is added? It can be imagined th

Counting Cree's LED Patent Campaign

Recently, CREE held a patent battle and filed a lawsuit against the US company E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. ("Emson") in the US District Court of Massachusetts, accusing the Emson flashlight product of infringing its LED technology patents, including Bell + How