Sun Desktop: A variety of low-cost and small objects together to move the desktop, pulling down the average price of Zhang Da Ma

Diving for a few months, I came to understand the truth: Holding Aunt Zhang’s purpose of saving money, just like holding a woman from a good-natured attitude to shampooing her head, there are some things that you cannot do for a start.

Of course, with his strong self-confidence, I did not become a member of the glorious handicrafts (I read with everyone, qi-ong, poor).

First of all, when it comes to the desktop configuration, it is necessary to have a poor compulsion, and what metaphysics is all about, the only standard for things to reference: cheap! When we are discussing the cost-effectiveness of an object, we often use the appearance, function, quality, after-sales, and durability of the object as an important indicator of the price. However, the stupid people of the earth are jealous. Don't you know the most? Is the crude way to increase the price/performance ratio as low as heckling price (or poor)?

Not much to say, first offer a desktop map

The landlord's room is relatively small, and the desktop will appear more cramped (Kabaki: save money for a house), but it is definitely enough. The mainframe is the old platform of the E3+970. There is no more to say about the monitor. As one of the components that have the longest service life and the lowest non-human damage rate in the computer accessories, one second-hand device is still not esoteric. The deaf person chose to buy a Philips 274E 27-inch 1080 resolution IPS screen. Condition 99 new, no light leakage, no bad lines, perfect. This store has bought three monitors, did not turn the car (4K?, the icon is so small, your eyes are sour? With fish screen, head left and right to see if your neck sour?)

Salted fish keywords: 27-inch Philips IPS (conditional direct Jingdong new line)

The keyboard is the only place where I have a little faith. Because of the need for long-term typing and playing games, I started with the cool axis of the cherry axis, the ultimate flagship tea flame (not a half-price big F), because I used this one, no comparison. Sex, feel bad to say, personally feel enough

Advantages: cherry axis feels good, with lights (not RGB), enough to replay the game will not be displaced

Disadvantages: ABS keycap will be used for a long time (it can be solved by changing the keycap). The keyboard is over-high, and the comfort will be discounted if there is no hand support. There is also a point where the tea axis is a little bit noisy. There are children at home and there is no way at night. play games.

(If you want to carry out the low price in the end, you can choose the Taobao 20 package of light and mouse)

CoolerMaster (CoolerMaster) Flaming Gun Series Ultimate Mechanical Game Keyboard Black Green Axis 499 Cherry MX Key Axis Key Separation Jingdong Direct Links Encyclopedia

Did not understand Jingdong's water directly 499 original price to start, in fact, dog Dong often send coupons can be done around 450 (map on the keyboard to buy the keyboard to send, do not have to buy)

Here is the headset: Siberian V10 (starting with Daddy's house 59)

With light, with vibration, full covered package, hanging wearing, but also to send adapters, workmanship is very delicate, cost-effective to win a force.

Of course, because I usually put sound outside, I rarely use it at ordinary times.

Siberian V10 game headset vibration light WCA headset headset computer shock bass 139 yuan Lynx featured direct link

Sound: Bai Yuanle (should be a no-name)

With subwoofer, belongs to 99 pieces to listen to a sound level (audio quality? No matter took the toothpick bucket ear to get used to)

Microphone: Fashion Tribal K1

Taobao collar volume 19 to start, belong to the sound on the line, 19 dollars of things, but also what bike?

Because I don't normally use a headset, I can only use this wheat when I turn black. The downside is that there is occasional slight current noise (base friend: EXM? Minor? Our ears will give you this hacking worm?) I call it kindly:

Popu · pine / fashion tribal K1 computer microphone desktop notebook condenser microphone voice karaoke YY39 yuan Lynx featured direct link

Display increase rack: Taobao collar roll 6 dollars to start

This thing must be said, although it is very cheap, it is very useful.

95% of people have a bad habit in the process of using the computer, including those of Zhang Aunt's original sun is also, the monitor is always lower than the eye level of about 15 degrees, so that people in the process of using the computer, the neck is Slightly bent, is the 15 degree bend, so that you feel a special pain in the neck after a few hours of code or game, and occasionally there may even be a phenomenon of brain neuralgia, a monitor increase rack plus, all problems Concluded. Material is compressed sheet, but it does not matter, anyway, just put a monitor is fully enough, the following space can also put the keyboard, very convenient.

Display Heightening Racks - - is enough to increase the display frame, complete category, welcome to buy! Direct link to

Router: Fiji K2 White (free)

This is the famous Feidong Freescale router, buy 399 yuan, a month later cash back, white take the router, but it is said that there is a back door, I brush into ASUS firmware solution.

The white color is okay, and the 4 antenna signal is much better than the cat that I used directly before. It is enough. At this stage, this should be considered a tank and it won't turn over. Everyone despite it (after all, the dog owner)

[buy back to 399 yuan] Fiji K2 1200M smart dual-band wireless router WIFI through the wall PSG1218399 Gigabit dual-band routing, 0 yuan purchase, you deserve to have direct access to Jingdong

Mouse: Razer Purgatory Viper

A word to describe: buy a light to send the mouse, left and right fretting imbalance, too large to adapt, suitable for FPS games.

This mouse also belongs to the entry level, of course, is enough for me, salted fish 160 to start a new, should be considered earned

Razer Razer Pokémon Boa Upgrade DeathAdder Computer Wired Gaming Mouse CF/LOL Professional E-Jet Viper Upgrade 319 Yuan Jingdong Global Purchase Direct Link

Background light: Taobao 6.9 to start

Hidden the traces, there are USB direct connection to the computer, but also belong to the level enough to play the computer at night to turn on the light is too bright, turn off the light is too dark, a perfect solution to the background light

European creative lighting LED energy-saving study desk lamp simple decoration nursing adjustable light bedroom bedside night light 19.8 yuan Lynx featured direct link

In addition also to introduce a useful small object: drive position drawer (Taobao 22 start)

Due to the popularity of USB installation and the convenience of direct download on the drive network, the optical drive has gradually eliminated people's vision, but the mainstream chassis still retains this expansion position. The landlord bought such a small drawer in the drive position in Taobao, which can be Put in some remote control, U disk, keys and other objects, the compactness of the desktop is also slightly relieved to some extent, very practical, we can choose according to their own needs whether it is necessary.

Sophia BX101 Chassis Mate Drawer Storage Box Metal Iron shell Drive Chassis Storage 25 Yuan Lynx Featured Direct link

Conclusion: Because the landlord is a poor coveted force, so a lot of basic things are bought on the car collar, plus a long time, so many items may not be the same price (I don't know if Aunt Zhang is a dog Dong and a certain What PX transactions cats, Taobao non-Tmall connection can not put), please understand that if I made too expensive, Taobao keyword search similar models like, let us carry out the flaw in the end!

Patch Panel

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