Mi millet red rice note 4x phone out of the box

On this winter vacation home, my grandmother said that her cell phone had dropped from 100 to 40-50% after 5 minutes of phone calls. She left the house and did nothing at all. There was only less than 50% of the electricity left to go home. Now only Plugging in electricity and using a mobile phone, I said that it would be a good idea to give her a different one. She also sent a large amount of pension and wealth management bonuses, and she agreed.

The old man's requirement for the mobile phone is also very simple. The screen is a bit larger and not too large. She usually only uses WeChat to read the news, look at the stocks, and make a call. It is very light use. Older people are also more provincial and require less than 1,500 to settle. If you are too expensive, she will feel bad about money. In addition, because her friend's use is probably also millet, she had a good impression of millet, during which I recommended her Lenovo zuk z2, she said that the letter is not the quality of Lenovo mobile phones. Meizu has never heard of it. Huawei thinks that she is relatively tall and spends more money and is not happy. Basically, she is not looking for millet to relax. So since she is willing to buy millet, I will help her see Xiaomi.

Before this, the red rice note4 and red rice note3, 4 more in line with her requirements, but the red rice 4 sudden price increases, let me think if you bought a loss of one million, note3 has been out of the market, not too bold to buy Ma, note4 this Only a few days in stock of the black line, her old man refused to black, said on the table can not find, just two days ago to see the note4x to be sold, on the 14th morning set a 9:58 alarm clock to get up, At 10 o'clock, she rushed to help her grab one.

Millet Red Rice Note4X Full Netcom Edition 3GB+32GB Champagne Gold Mobile Unicom Telecom 4G Mobile Phone 999 Yuan Jingdong Direct Link

Appearance Gallery

The box is really small and I don’t know if it’s a two-year trend

There is a “4X” on the box, but it’s not easy to shoot it out. Everyone tries to see it and can barely see it.

To tell the truth, this positive reminds me of millet max, which is exactly the same

Family portrait, did not send headphones, charger for 5V2A, I do not know Xiaolong 625 does not support fast charge

On the back, besides the camera position, to be honest, this is exactly the millet max size of the reduced version, but the millet max is after all known as the "red rice max" mobile phone, haha

Then is the familiar MIUI8, everyone can easily find a sun millet mobile phone can see, not much to repeat here. Can also see a lot of pre-installed software, then I easily deleted, the elderly point out the problem is not trouble.

Work is still worthwhile, the overall size can be seen and basically consistent with 10 yuan notes, one-handed control is not a problem

experience feelings

(You can choose to simply talk about the use of the product, of course, can also perform detailed performance tests, such as the phone can test the camera, battery life, etc.)

When I run, I don't run away. It's too vulgar. The other basics are what MIUI8 has. There is nothing special about it, and there is no “black technology”. Take a few proofs for everyone to see.

to sum up

(You can tell the advantages and disadvantages of commodities in several points here, which can help value-friends more quickly and clearly)


1.999 price can buy 625+3G+32G mobile phone, to be honest is worth it

2. Probably still better to grab? Because I bought it with my hand, it feels like this

3. The battery is large, 4100mAh, very durable

4. The screen size is right


To tell you the truth, the camera is not very good. Of course, this price cannot be too demanding.

It is also a monkey mode, although it is easy to grab, but it still has to grab

Millet pre-installed a lot of things, adUI advertising is also more, to the elderly, then have to delete their own changes, can not be used directly to the elderly

to sum up

At present, in this mobile phone at this price point, this value is very valuable. There are no eye-catching advantages and no obvious shortcomings. The shape is quite satisfactory and everything is basically a level that can be used.

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