I also to guard the widow's smile: SONY Sony MDR-1000X wireless noise reduction stereo headphones out of the box and easy to use experience

Reasons to purchase

Open up the truth: Sony Dafa is good, buy buy buy buy buy! (Actually, it's not enough for the aunt's test, only to buy it myself)

Although it was not Dafa’s death, Dafa’s things also bought a lot, including TVs, sports cameras, PS4s and so on. After joining Auntie Zhang, her hands were a lot. As a fungus, the process of buying a headset does not put sound quality first, but puts portability, ease of use, and so on into a relatively high weight position. Speaking of wireless noise reduction headphones, the range of options is actually a few, Bose QC35, Sony MDR-1000X, B & O H8.

Let's start with the Bose QC35. There are also several Bose body shops in our small town. You can try and audition. Inside the store is a silver version, under the guidance of the clerk connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth and simply listen to it through the NetEase cloud music online, the overall quality is very good, good wearing comfort, noise reduction is because Bose's housekeeping skills, so There is no doubt that the married woman did not agree to buy a headset. After experiencing the effect of noise reduction, she readily agrees (the hand grows again hahahaha), but there does not seem to be a separate noise reduction switch, in some do not need noise reduction The situation is slightly inconvenient. Due to the time only listened for a few minutes, the overall impression is still in line with my expectations for bose products.

Next is B&O's H8. I did not see the physical object, it is said there is apple store inside? Noise reduction while maintaining a high value, but to see the evaluation that the headset can not be folded, and I usually do not wear headphones on the street, so pass.

Finally, Sony's MDR-1000X, it is said that the sound quality is stronger than the QC35, and there is a series of black technology bonus, the dog East is not available, the official website is only beige, there does not seem to be a physical store near the house to audition, and finally see LDAC and touch technology, And there is a separate noise reduction switch, the choice of the guardian coward's smile originally wanted to bring friends in Japan, it is said that UnionPay discounts and tax rebates can be done more than 2,100 prices, but friends only found in the Sony flagship store in Ginza, count The price of the tax was to be surpassed by more than 2,500 yuan. In the Ma Yun family, a black national bank ticket was found, which was more than 100 yuan more expensive than Japan, but it won 2 years warranty. Attach the dog east link:

Sony (SONY) MDR-1000X Hi-Res wireless noise reduction stereo headphones (black) 2899 yuan SONY Sony MDR-1000X wireless noise reduction stereo headphones, using a cover structure, ear pressure release pad design, soft texture, Adopt acoustic sealing structure to achieve full wrap comfortably wearing, and reduce leakage sound at the same time, thus it can provide strong bass; Adopting internal tilt axis structure design, make the rotating shaft of the earphone cover face inward to fit ears and improve the wearing stability; Mute connector device can reduce the mechanical noise emitted when sliding, in the Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

Appearance Gallery

Because it was received at work, it was easy to unpack the office. I hope you will forgive me.

Shooting equipment: Samsung Galaxy Note5

The first is the front of the package, the traditional white plastic packaging, and a pull handle to facilitate pulling. The box shows the identity and main features of the headset.

Then on the back of the package, some of the major technical features are introduced, including quick reminder (covering the right earmuffs allows the headset to accept the ambient sound and automatically reduce the music volume, without having to remove the headset to communicate with the surrounding), touch Panels, Hi-Res Audio, etc., can be seen in the lower right corner of the country is Malaysia (before forget where to see, as if the Dafa low-end products are produced in Malaysia? 1000x really is a low-end products)

The packaging is pull type, after the white plastic packaging is unpacked, the white box can be pulled out, the four characters above: cable (xin) Nepal (yang)

After the box is opened, the left part is the accessories section (including the charging cable, the aircraft adapter) and the instruction and warranty card, and the right is the headset box.

The overall work of the headset can also be, slightly stronger sense of plastic, and the taste was still a bit pungent when just opened (Malaysia low-end goods reasons?)

Can NFC connection, have not tried at work.

Wireless indicates that this is a wireless headset.

The physical keys on the left side are the wired interface, the key, the noise reduction key, and the ambient sound mode.


The inside of the earphone once again marked the origin and other information

The headset protection box is marked with some shortcuts.

The material of the protection box is also related to the description.

In the protection box, the design of the location of the charging head is also intimately designed.

More details of other values ​​have also been shot, and slag technology will not be ugly.

experience feelings

The first feeling you put on is: The world is quiet.

Because it is fungus, it is more about sound quality. There are still many adjustable earpieces in the headset. Comfort is just what other valued friends say. There is no QC35 comfort and a slight chuck, but it can be tolerated. Due to the design of the key position, there will be misoperations when it is first used, and when it is familiar, there will be no such thing, and Sony has also designed various protrusions (not knowing how to describe) on each key to facilitate blind operation. Touching is really convenient, but after the operation, it always takes one minute before it takes effect. It may be desirable for the user to be able to confirm his operation during touch. The quick reminder function that covers the right half of the headset is really convenient. You do not need to take off the headset and communicate with others.

Simply speaking, under the sound quality: In order to LDAC, so bought Sony's own A35 (mother's walkman interface, after going out to bring more than a line). Because it is in the unit's simple box, so there is nothing to listen to, only that the sound quality is above my expectations, the only downside is that there is a certain amount of noise when listening to some pure music.

to sum up

Advantages: 1, a good operating experience.

2, can be folded, easy to carry.

3, LDAC, quick reminders and other black technology bonuses.

Disadvantages: 1, less comfortable, a little chuck, a long time a little hot.

2, there is a certain bottom noise.

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