Get started with the media's first Bluetooth keyboard - Logitech Logitech K480

Recently, I was very hot-headed and I started a self-medium. I said to Da Li that it was a self-media matrix, and today's headline micro-blog and WeChat have been updated synchronously. Her spare time is too busy.

At home, it is generally used to browsing or updating information with ipad mini4. When you go out, iphone is the main force.

Due to more typing, the purchase plan of the Bluetooth keyboard is on the agenda. The old rules, first on Baidu, and then on Aunt Zhang, then Jingdong Taobao. As the purse dry, the final choice of two: one is Lenovo s6000, and the other is the protagonist of this article Logitech k480.

As two 100-class Bluetooth keyboards, the s6000 is only half the price of the k480. The theory that s6000 is the preferred price/performance ratio. Reluctantly, reluctance to relapse, in order to make the color match, had chosen white k480. If the s6000 has white models, I will not hesitate to place orders. Another advantage of the k480 is that it can connect three devices and switch through the knob, which is another important factor that prompts me to place an order.

Well, the following began non-professional out of the box, to headline friends to share. Do colleagues from the media and maintain public numbers, Bluetooth keyboard really worth recommending, who knows who to use!

Yesterday, Tmall placed an order with the original price of 159 yuan, and used the Alipay bank debit card for Alipay payment promotion activities, which reduced 21 or 20 points and actually paid 139 yuan. This morning. Out of the box, unscathed.

The other side of the box.

Cut the slit and uncover the upper cover of the tray.

At the bottom of the box, there are 2 documents.

The easy-to-use reminder on the front of the keyboard can be thrown away.

The key is close to the scene and sinks inward. It feels good.

Back. Lawful, battery compartment at the top, reasonable. But the switch is also set at the bottom, indicating light. . . In the bottom groove. This is a bit insecure to design personnel. . .

Nudge right to open the battery compartment. 2 No. 7 batteries provide electricity. Production date January 2016. OK.

The yellow insulation strip can be removed by powering off. The default switch is the ON position and it is green.

The switch reveals the red part for shutdown. The green part is turned on and the indicator light is also displayed in green, but it is not always on.

The next step is to use it online.

Left knob, switch the connection device. K480 can be connected to three devices, this knob to switch, the actual measurement result is seconds and seconds.

To connect ipad mini4 as an example, open the ipad Bluetooth access, press the i key in the upper right corner of the keyboard for 3 seconds, ipad will prompt the keyboard k480, the connection can be. Actual operation can be described in seconds.

Open a certain media backstage, use the keyboard to type test, k480 button feels so cool. Perfect support ios native input method. With the iphone7 test, Baidu input method is also a perfect support, after seeing comments that only support native input method.

Perfect angle. Ipad mini4 is in place. Ipad mini horizontal state, the remaining position can not fit iphone7 4.7 inch mobile phone. 2 sets of equipment are equipped with sets, barely able to squeeze under the state, unfortunately.

to sum up:

Bluetooth keyboard makes your handheld terminal typing speed increase rapidly, especially for a large number of text input workers without computer status, such as reporters from the media author. Chattermania applies.

For this one, it is worthwhile for most people to buy a Bluetooth keyboard for play.

A little regret:

The position of the switch is at the bottom, if the slot has a device to reside, it is inconvenient to open and close.

The k480's terminal slots are not open at both ends, and several terminals are restricted at the same time. Specific reference can be made to the open slots of the s6000.

In addition, the thickness of the keyboard is more than imagined, visual inspection is thicker than mba, and portability is compromised.

Well, I'm going to take it to go and Star Master pretends to be very busy and talks about a few hundred million business...

Aluminum LED Board

What are the 3 types of PCB?

PCB circuit board is a necessary circuit board for equipment and electrical appliances, and it is also a necessary carrier for the realization of Rigid-Flex Board. Different devices have different PCB materials. For Rigid Printed Circuit Board (RPCB), there are many According to the PCB board reinforcement materials, it is generally divided into the following types:
1. Phenolic PCB paper substrate
Because this kind of PCB board is composed of paper pulp, wood pulp, etc., it sometimes becomes cardboard, V0 board, flame-retardant board and 94HB, etc. Its main material is wood pulp fiber paper, which is a kind of PCB synthesized by phenolic resin pressure. plate.
This kind of paper substrate is not fireproof, can be punched, has low cost, low price, and low relative density. We often see phenolic paper substrates such as XPC, FR-1, FR-2, FE-3, etc. The 94V0 belongs to Flame Resistant PCB and is fireproof.

Led Lamp Led Circuit Board Jpg
2. Composite PCB substrate
This kind of powder board is also called powder board, with wood pulp fiber paper or cotton pulp fiber paper as reinforcement material, and glass fiber cloth as surface reinforcement material at the same time. The two materials are made of flame-retardant epoxy resin. There are single-sided half-glass fiber 22F, CEM-1 and double-sided half-glass fiber board CEM-3, among which CEM-1 and CEM-3 are the most common composite base copper clad laminates.
Led Circuit Board Jpg
3. Glass fiber PCB substrate
Sometimes it also becomes epoxy board, fiberglass board, Ro4350B+FR4 Hybrid Board, fiberboard, etc. It uses epoxy resin as adhesive and glass fiber cloth as reinforcement material. This kind of circuit board has a high working temperature and is not affected by the environment. This kind of board is often used in double-sided PCB, but the price is more expensive than the composite PCB substrate, and the common thickness is 1.6MM. This kind of substrate is suitable for various power supply boards, high frequency boards, and is widely used in computers, peripheral equipment, and communication equipment.
4. Other substrates
In addition to the three frequently seen above, there are also Metal Core PCB ( MCPCB ) and build-up multilayer board (BUM).
Led Aluminum Base Pcb Circuit Board Jpg
It is worth noting that many times we will see the two letters KB printed on the circuit board. This is the abbreviation of the PCB board of Kingboard. In addition to Kingboard, there are Shengyi SL, Taiyao TUC, Guoji GDM, Changchun L, Changxing EC, Hitachi H, etc.

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