In 2017 55 inch 4k TV recommended 3000 or so high-end fine models!

The 55-inch is not very small, and the medium-sized is particularly popular. It was rated as the most popular size in 2016, and it is also the best-selling TV size. The 3000+ is also the most reasonable introduction of the public family. Today, the small lemon green For everyone, we recommend several fine 55-inch 4K TVs with a capacity of about 3000. It will take 10 years and enough!
Hisense LED55EC550UA 55-inch Reference Price: 3599 yuan Configuration: 8.9 SUS steel ultra-narrow frame, 4K HDR display system, 64-bit 14-core master chip processor (Quad core A53CPU + Mali450 six-core CPU + quad-core NEON co-processing ), 7-core video module processing solution, 2GB memory + 8GB flash memory system: VIDAA system (Android 5.1)
Resolution: 3840x2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Content: Iqiyi video contract viewing distance: 3-3.5 meters
The interface is also very rich:
Hisense's development in recent years is good, the higher the end, the more award-winning, the potential to do the international big-name stocks. The ultra-thin appearance of the display technology, and the iQIYI large platform to protect the content of massive, well-equipped ... 3,000 plus the price, in general, is a very good choice.
CHANGHONG 55U3C 55-inch Reference Price: 3299 yuan Configuration: Retina-class 4K panel, 64-bit SOCA53 chip, Mali T720 image processing engine, Dolby DTS dual decoding system: U-MAX viewing system (Android 5.1)
Resolution: 3840x2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Content: Tencent video contract, Iqiyi video contract viewing distance: 3-3.5 meters
Interface conditions:
This section looks very similar to the above Hisense, but look closely, personally feel that Changhong this paragraph is more stylish and high-end, stent design is more inclined to the design of Changhong. Changhong is the old brand of home appliances, and is the first domestic brand to launch artificial intelligence TV. The quality of the old brand is still very secure. Otherwise, it will not be sold for so many years. It is still selling well. It supports domestically and supports old brands. !
Cool open (coocaa) KX55 55-inch reference price: 2799 yuan configuration: 4K ultra high-definition screen, 4K TV chip, 2-core 64-bit Cortex A53 architecture, 2+4-core MaliT720, 768M storage, 4GB flash memory, 2T USB storage expansion, Single Antenna System: Android Resolution: 3840x2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Content: Tencent video contract, Iqiyi video contract viewing distance: 3-3.5 meters
Cool open is a brand new Internet TV in recent years, technology and reputation are good, the price is lower than similar products in the same category, this selling point in the price, the configuration is more general, the biggest drawback is that storage is small, but as an ordinary family Use is enough.
TCL D55A620U 55-inch reference price: 3199 yuan Configuration: 4K + HDR Full HD, 64-bit flagship TV processor 30-core up to 1.8GHz CPU frequency, 8GB + 1.5GB storage, support H.265
System: TV+OS (Android 5.1)
Resolution: 3840x2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Content: Comprehensive platform content viewing distance: 3-3.5 meters
The interface is more general:
TCL is an old and old brand, sales have been high, the big brand is still more assured, the quality did not say, cost-effective, and some of the features are all together.
Philips (PHILIPS) 55PUF6056/T3 55-inch reference price: 3499 yuan Configuration: 17-core 4K chip (four-core CPU, quad-core GPU, single-core VPU, quad-core NEON coprocessor, quad-core FPU), 4G storage system: Philips Fourth-generation TV operating system (Android 4.3)
Resolution: 3840x2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Content: Tencent video contract viewing distance: 3-3.5 meters
Philips TV may not be used, but Philips’ small appliances are estimated to be used by most people. The overall impression is that quality is good! So the quality of Philips’ TV is also very good. Large companies like home appliances can only have good quality. Not bad. This section to say the shortcomings, or storage is too small, this estimate is one of the TV problems now, but Philips smart TV, as the public family preferred living room is good!
Today is recommended to this, the pro who has returned home and the pro who are still working hard at the post, took the money to sweep the New Year, this time a year, how to also buy crazy comfortable products!

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