Smart camera purchase full Raiders to help you create the perfect smart home

Nowadays, with the continuous popularity of intelligent hardware, smart cameras have also attracted people's attention. More and more users are looking at home security with smart cameras, and can also care for the elderly, children and pets at home. But in the face of a wide variety of cameras on the market, which one is the most sensible choice for the average family? The following small series will give you a summary of the smart camera purchase points.

Smart camera to buy a full Raiders to help you create a perfect smart home

The most important aspects of smart cameras are appearance, clarity, convenience, video storage, viewing angles and advanced features.

First, let's take a look at several smart cameras that are more active in the market.

Dropcam Pro

Dropcam Pro is a smart wireless video surveillance camera that records everything that happens 24 hours a day in the user's world. It can be connected to all wireless networks, with a 130-degree view, better night vision, HD recording, and a more beautiful casing. The downside of Dropcam Pro is that it does not support SD card storage, only cloud storage, so you need to pay for cloud space.

Smart camera to buy a full Raiders to help you create a perfect smart home

Vimtag Smart Cloud Camera P1

Vimtag Smart Cloud Camera P1 is a new generation of smart energy camera launched after the first generation of products became Amazon's best-selling smart camera. With a new privacy moving head design, the appearance is very stylish, with excellent 1080P full HD picture quality, support for smart WiFi connection, while supporting SD card, cloud box, cloud storage and other storage methods. In addition, features such as two-way voice, motion detection, and night vision are also optimized.

Smart camera to buy a full Raiders to help you create a perfect smart home

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