OK car insurance released SDK mobile phone network to monitor driving behavior

Under the support of broad market prospects and encouraging policies, the Internet of Vehicles industry is surging, and major Internet giants are rushing to land. The pioneer of “Mobile Internet of Vehicles” technology, OK Auto Insurance, which is known for its innovative ability, officially opened the “OKDrive” SDK, relying on the mobile phone network technology independently developed by OK Auto Insurance, only through the smartphone itself without the need for in-vehicle hardware. The hardware device can automatically and intelligently extract the user's driving behavior information and itinerary information. "OKDrive" SDK synchronization supports the development of IOS and Android platforms, equipped with OKDrive Dashboard, providing digital visualization operation and management background for SDK users.

Mobile phone networking technology has significant advantages

"Mobile phone networking", Smartphone Based TelemaTIcs, a new technology that has emerged in recent years. Through the mobile phone's GPS and gyroscope modules, the information data during the driving process is recorded, the user's driving behavior is monitored, and accurate algorithms are performed based on the monitoring data, and the driving behavior is evaluated by multi-dimensional scores. Compared with OBD, mobile car networking solves the problem of stability, security and data accuracy of OBD, and utilizes its "no hardware, zero cost" advantage, which greatly reduces the promotion difficulty and promotion cost.

OK Auto Insurance is the first mobile phone networking technology in China. On June 10, 2015, it launched the “Travel Management” function, combining mobile phone networking technology with mobile phone software applications to provide users with timely and accurate travel history information and driving behavior. Score rating.

In July 2015, OK Auto Insurance based on the data accumulation and analysis of mobile phone network networking, proposed a new concept of “mobile UBI engine”, first created UBI personalized risk pricing engine in China, and created three major risks of R factor, P factor and D factor. The adjustment factor greatly enriches the individualization of the existing auto insurance pricing model.

In December 2015, OK Auto Insurance re-launched the innovative product “Car Traffic Jam” based on mobile phone network, which caused a sensation once it went online. The product utilizes mobile phone networking technology, combined with user driving data and real-time road conditions, to achieve accurate judgment of user traffic jam events, and subsidize the user's traffic jam fuel consumption, opening a new direction of insurance products.

OK Auto Insurance actively explores various implementation methods and application solutions of mobile phone networking technology, and recently opened the "OKDrive" SDK. This mobile device-based application interface will provide SDK users with a data transmission interface, which is convenient for developers to embed websites, APPs, etc., and automatically recognize driving behavior and travel information by means of mobile phone networking technology.

The value of the OKDrive SDK

From a social point of view, the "OKDrive" SDK's collection of driving behavior data can help car owners understand their driving behavior and cultivate better driving habits. At the same time, comprehensive consideration of vehicle owner data, in line with the scientific quantitative vehicle owner reward and punishment system, to stimulate and improve the owner's safe driving awareness, so that car owners participate in the management of their own driving behavior, encourage and build a healthy and good traffic environment.

For insurance companies, the "OKDrive" SDK is even more significant. As a sales-related auto insurance industry, high-precision risk pricing models have become the core business competitiveness of insurance companies. Based on the driver driving behavior data obtained by the “OKDrive” SDK, risk assessment indicators are introduced to screen high-quality car owners for differentiated pricing of auto insurance, which leads to more accurate auto insurance cost control and loss estimation, which indirectly reduces the insurance company's compensation costs.

To a certain extent, the emergence of the "OKDrive" SDK has promoted the development of the Internet of Vehicles technology. Providing more comprehensive data support to other auto finance and automotive related industries, more accurate user analysis and more feasible data acquisition solutions, driving the common development of automotive related industries, and carrying out deep vehicle owner data mining to achieve "Internet, Interoperability between people and cars.

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