Lianchuang's net profit last year increased by 40% year-on-year.

Lianchuang Optoelectronics disclosed its annual report on the evening of April 16. In 2014, the company achieved operating income of 1.957 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.14%; total profit reached 144 million yuan, an increase of 45.42%; net profit attributable to the parent company was 133 million yuan. It increased by 40.32% year-on-year. The company plans to send 10 yuan (including tax). At the same time, the annual report revealed that the company plans to achieve sales revenue of 2.38 billion yuan in 2015.

The company said that in 2015, it will establish the core values ​​of “pragmatic, efficient, innovative and excellent”, gradually strengthen the core competitiveness of the company through transformation and innovation, and adopt the “industry operation + capital operation” two-wheel drive to achieve an annual growth rate of operating income. With a steady development at a rate of 25% and a profit of at least 10%, we will focus on four tasks: promoting the diversified development of “Intelligent Control, LED Backlight, Cable, LED Lighting Products, Infrared LED”, etc. Business segment, strive to achieve intelligent control, LED backlight, cable business annual revenue reached 1 billion yuan, LED lighting products, infrared LED annual operating income reached 500 million yuan respectively; comprehensive use of split, merger, liquidation and other measures to promote the existing The integration and reorganization of industries (enterprises), highlighting the core formats with competitive advantages, clearing non-core or backward formats, striving to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, improving the overall profitability and competitiveness of the company; optimizing industrial layout and building “one center and four industrial bases” ".

To build a capital operation and M&A project cultivation center, to achieve the goal of 60% new investment in M&A investment; to establish an infrared LED and lighting industry base in Nanchang; to establish a cable industry base in Ji'an; to build an intelligent control industry base in Xiamen and to create a backlight in Shenzhen Industrial base; increase technological innovation and new product cultivation, focusing on the research and development and industrialization of leading-edge technologies such as high-power LED flip chip packaging, high-power infrared chips, smart lighting systems, and high-temperature superconducting sensing equipment.

Industrial lighting power supply generally refers to the use of auxiliary power supply for lamps in factories, mines, warehouses and high-rise shed production areas. In addition to the various lighting lamps used in the normal environment, there are also explosion-proof lamps and corrosion-proof lamps used in special environments. Considering the different demand of power supply in different target markets, five series of products are designed in this field. The output power ranges from 60 to 240W. The LTP, MTP and MTN series adopt constant power design method, compatible with 0-10V and PWM dimming modes, DALI dimming is optional. The output has wide load adaptability. It can customize the output specifications by adjusting the built-in potentiometer or software. The product is designed as a circular integrated structure. It can be perfectly matched with the mechanical structure of industrial lighting fixtures to provide excellent heat dissipation effect and meet the needs of industrial lighting.

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