[Brand Power·Zhongheng Paiwei] Constant Power Current Adjustable Intelligent LED Driver

The power supply is the core component of the LED luminaire, and it is also a costly component in the manufacture of LED luminaires.

Liu Heng, general manager of Zhongheng Paiwei

At present, there are three main market characteristics of outdoor high-power drive power sources: First, there are many product specifications, due to different current specifications, wire and joint specifications, control methods, etc. Second, the proportion of power supply costs in lamps has increased year by year; The quality consciousness has gradually strengthened, from the past pursuit of efficiency and PF value to the requirements of life and reliability.

Many traditionally adjustable power supplies are regulated by physical devices, which have poor water resistance and cannot be remotely controlled. The new generation of constant-power adjustable power supply introduced by Zhongheng Paiwei not only realizes the current regulation on constant power within a certain range, but also ensures that the output power is constant, and can also write the power in batches with an intelligent programmer.

At the same time, Zhongheng Paiwei has a series of solutions in intelligent drive power, including PLC, Zigbee, RS485, DALI, which can be applied in different systems. However, which solution will become mainstream in the future depends on market choices.

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