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In 2015, the drones were remarkable, including well-known drone companies such as DJI and Zero-Intelligence, all of which showed the latest products. In addition, Intel and Qualcomm exhibited powerful communication functions that can automatically avoid obstacles. Aircraft. Drones have quickly become a hot product of phenomenal level. In view of this, the editor analyzes the intelligence of the drone technology from the remote control systems of different manufacturers.

DT7&DR16 remote control is simple and practical

DJI Innovation DT7 & DR16 is equipped with an entry-level remote control, simple and practical, automatically return to the middle, the pine bar can be set high or fixed hover. Only 4 ordinary AA dry batteries can supply power to the remote control, and perfectly support DJI flight control system, D-Bus single-line simple connection, two function switches and one pan/tilt control joystick. At the same time, with the NAZA-M flight control system, hot wheels series rack and H3-2D pan/tilt system, it can be combined into the best Hobby series overall solution.

At the same time, the DT7&DR16 remote control system comes standard with the DR16 D-Bus receiver, which supports up to 16 channels of control, easy installation and higher security of the remote control system. In addition, DT7 & DR16 adopts the newly developed 2.4G RF technology DEST (DJI Enhanced Spread Spectrum Technology), 2.4G ISM band remote control wireless communication technology, which can effectively control the distance to 1000 meters (affected by the flight environment). The application of frequency hopping and spread spectrum technology can effectively resist interference and allow multiple remote controllers to work simultaneously.

The drone can reach a distance of 1000m in open outdoor communication, and it has higher sensitivity, simple operation and good remote sensing performance. Can meet outdoor camera, aerial photography, tracking, etc.

Xplorer pro remote control design is exquisite

The zero-sensing Xplorer pro remote control system is equipped with a 5.8GHz remote control, which is more compact, ergonomic and easy to handle.

At the same time, the wireless transmission distance can reach 800m, and can be adjusted at multiple angles, early warning insurance, and more attention to the stability of security and remote sensing performance.

F50 remote control one-button smart

AEE drones are mainly used in military, police and law enforcement fields. The F50's remote control system has a maximum remote control distance of 2km, and can be equipped with a maximum of 32G SD card. It also has a mini USB interface and HDMI video output interface, seven inches. The display is still visible in the sun.

F50 remote control also has real-time display flight status, real-time display of remote sensing video, storage of real-time remote sensing video, control of on-board camera shooting, setting of on-board camera parameters, checking of server status, one-button photo setting, one-button auto hover, one-button return Control, one-button automatic start, one-button automatic landing, set automatic flight route and other functions. The powerful remote sensing performance makes the F50 excellent for monitoring and aerial photography, and plays a major role in disaster relief and forest fire prevention.

The "tall" of the remote control system also reflects the continuous innovation of drone technology. With the popularization of drones, its remote sensing performance will surely have a greater improvement, and it will play a greater role in major areas such as police, disaster prevention, law enforcement, etc. Let us look forward to it!

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is short for silicon controlled rectifier. SCRs are available in one-way, two-way, turn-off, and light control types. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, long life, easy control, etc. It is widely used in occasions such as controllable rectification, voltage regulation, inverter, and non-contact switches and other automatic control and high-power electric energy conversion.

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

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