GGII: China's LED lighting exports increased by 68.6% year-on-year in 2014

[Text|High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII)] According to customs data, in 2014, China's LED lighting products exported US$9.22 billion, up 68.6% year-on-year. The growth rate is significantly faster than last year. Looking at the export market of LED lighting products in China in 2014, we can summarize the following characteristics:

1. The overseas market continues to develop and the demand in emerging markets is growing rapidly.

2. The proportion of LED lighting products exported through trade, logistics and import and export enterprises increased rapidly.

3. The prices of special application lighting products such as surgical lights, explosion-proof lights, stage lights, etc. are not falling.

4. In terms of indoor lighting, the demand for ceiling lamps has dropped significantly, and panel lights and downlights have grown rapidly.

Export destination countries In 2014, the export value of LED lighting products exported to the top 20 destination countries was 6.849 billion US dollars, an increase of 67.5% year-on-year, accounting for 74.3% of the total export volume, a slight decline from last year.

In 2014, the export value of the top 20 export countries increased, with five countries with exports increasing by more than 100%, namely Russia, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2014, the top five exporting countries remained the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. In 2014, the export volume of LED lighting products exported to Russia increased by 269.5%, ranking from the fourth place in 2013 to the second place; while the export value of LED lighting products exported to Japan only increased by 3.6%, ranking by 2013 The second place fell to fourth place.

Chart 1: Distribution of China's LED lighting export market in 2013-2014 (unit: %)

Leading export enterprises In 2014, the export value of the top 20 enterprises (entities) of LED lighting products was 1.883 billion US dollars, accounting for 20.42% of the total export volume, which was 5.4 percentage points lower than the export value of the top 20 enterprises in 2013. It shows that the concentration of export enterprises has declined, and the export of SMEs has grown rapidly.

From the perspective of specific enterprises, the export value of 15 enterprises in the top 20 export enterprises increased, and the export value of 5 enterprises decreased. There are 7 enterprises with an increase of more than 100%, namely Huizhou Yuanhui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Lejin Electronic Parts (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tongshida Lighting Co., Ltd., Expressway Communication Equipment (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Quasi-Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou North New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Xingji Electric Co., Ltd.

Major Export Products In 2014, the top ten products of China's LED lighting products were: lamps, bulbs, spotlights, panel lights, strips, downlights, stage lights, floodlights, garden lights, street lights.

From the perspective of export growth rate, the growth rate of the top ten products is above 29%, of which panel lights and floodlights are growing rapidly, with an increase of more than 110%.

From the perspective of the average export price, except for the stage lights, the average price of the other products has declined in different degrees. Among them, the price of lamps, bulbs, panel lights and garden lamps has dropped the most, with the drop of more than 35%.

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