LED lamp save protection technology has methods

Led lamp beads
In order to prevent moisture, the LEDs should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment with a storage temperature of -40 ° C - + 100 ° C and a relative humidity of 85% or less.
The LED is preferably used within 3 months of its original packaging conditions to avoid rusting the bracket.
When the LED packaging bag is opened, it should be used as soon as possible. At this time, the storage temperature is 5°C-30°C, and the relative humidity is below 60%.
Do not use unknown chemical liquids to clean the LEDs, as this may damage the surface of the LED resin and even cause colloidal cracks. If necessary, please immerse the LEDs in alcohol or fluorinated argon at room temperature for one minute.
Do not form during or after welding. If necessary, the forming must be completed before welding.
It is important to remember that the behavior of any extruded resin can damage the gold wire inside the LED.
During the welding process, do not apply any external pressure to the lamp body, otherwise cracks may appear inside the LED, which may affect the internal gold wire connection and cause quality problems.
The gel must not be immersed in the solder.
When welding, the solder joint should have at least 2 mm clearance from the lower edge of the colloid. After the soldering is completed, it is necessary to use three minutes to return the LED from a high temperature state to a normal temperature.
If soldering a linearly arranged LED on the same PCB with a soldering iron, do not solder the two pins of the same LED at the same time.
A soldering iron of 30W or less is required for soldering iron soldering.
There are two specifications for LED soldering. The specific parameters are as follows:
Soldering iron soldering temperature: 295 °C ± 5 °C Welding time: within 3 seconds (only once)
Wave soldering soldering temperature: 235 ° C ± 5 ° C soldering time: within 3 seconds
Note: Improper soldering temperature or time control may cause the LED lens to deform or open the inside of the wick to cause a dead light.
Recommended method
In the use of single or multiple use, the DC drive current of each LED is recommended to use IF range of 10mA-20mA.
Instantaneous pulses can damage the internal fixed connections of the LEDs, so the circuit must be carefully designed so that the LEDs are not subject to overvoltage (overcurrent) shock when the line is opened and closed.
LEDs require uniform brightness and color when used in multiple applications. Therefore, we must fully understand the driving method and driving conditions. Under normal conditions, we guarantee the consistency of color and brightness of 20mA splitting.
To achieve uniform brightness and color, the same current should be used for the same batch of LEDs. Do not mix them in use to avoid brightness differences.
The relationship between the VF, IF, IV, WL and temperature of the LED is detailed in the product specification.
ESD (static protection)
Static electricity can cause LED function failure. It is recommended to prevent ESD from damaging the LED.
A. The operator must bring an anti-static wrist strap and anti-static gloves when testing and assembling the LED.
B. Welding equipment and test equipment, work tables, storage racks, etc. must be well grounded.
C. Use an ion fan to eliminate static electricity generated by the LED during storage and assembly due to friction.
D. The box with LED is made of anti-static material box, and the bag is made of electrostatic bag.
The anomalies that can be caused by ESD-damaged LEDs are:
A, reverse leakage, light will cause the brightness to decrease, and the light will not light.
B. The forward voltage value becomes smaller.
The LED does not emit light when driven at low current.

Indoor Rental Led Display Features:

1. LED indoor rental screen is moving towards small spacing and high definition, and small Led Display can show more content;

2. Air insertion and quick lock structure are adopted between screens, which are easy to disassemble and assemble, can be maintained in front and back, and can be transported by air box, fast and safe.          

3. The module can be maintained before and after, and the single module can be disassembled for maintenance. When packing, there are positioning posts and strong magnets. There is no seam between modules.          

 4. The cabinet body is of die-casting aluminum structure, with elegant and beautiful appearance, light and thin weight and hard strength.        

  5. According to the requirements of the site, the angle can be adjusted inside and outside, inside and outside plus or minus 15 °, splicing into different shapes.        

6. All aluminum structure, good heat dissipation, no fan, no noise.        

7. The brightness can be adjusted. According to the indoor brightness, adjust the best light effect. 

indooe mobile screen

Indoor Mobile LED Display description: compared with the traditional dance scenery and lighting, the display is single and the vision is tired. It is difficult to bring the visual expectation and the enjoyment of the visual beauty to the audience. LED display is very easy to solve these problems. Shocking visual effect, active performance atmosphere, show more video content. The acquisition of these information is far greater than the effect of traditional dance scenery and lighting.     The indoor mobile rental screen has developed from the original big spacing pixels p7.62, P6 and P4 to the small spacing pixels p2.976, p3.91 and p4.81. The cabinet size has also developed from the original model to the easy to distinguish and install models of 500m * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm.


  Application scenarios: performance rental, stage performance, shopping mall, hotel, wedding, commercial performance, etc.          

 Structure: the box body is made of die-casting aluminum, with internal soft and hard links, external super five types of network cable and aviation plug links, and each box body is equipped with a quick lock.          

Precautions: the screen body is often disassembled, and the edges and corners of the screen body are easy to bump. In the process of transportation, disassembly and installation, pay attention to handle with care. In the purchase process, let the manufacturer more with mask, bottom shell and the same batch of LED lights.

Indoor Rental LED Screen

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