Zigui SMD LED process fills the gap with extremely high commercial value

The light emitting angle is increased from 120 degrees to 150 degrees, the light emitting efficiency is increased by 20%, the packaging cost is reduced by more than 50%, and the product life is extended by more than 30%, which fills the gap of the patch LED application in outdoor high-definition electronic display screens. It was learned yesterday that the “New SMD LED packaging process” of Zigui Hubei Xintong Electronics Co., Ltd. was recognized to have reached the international advanced level, and the “press injection method packaging technology” has reached the international advanced level.

The company's first integrated circuit packaging process, the injection molding method of packaging LED, is a major technological innovation in LED packaging. The process can be widely used in lighting, backlight source, flexible lamp strips, electronic display screens and other fields, filling the blank of the SMD LED applied to high-definition electronic display screens, which has extremely high commercial value.

Piezoelectric Ceramic are a ferroelectric compound. This means, that the electro-mechanical conversion process for producing a motion is related a kind of self-enhancement process based on an internal reorganization of the material's structure. This self-enhancement process results in the higher piezoelectrical efficiency of PZT when compared to natural materials like quartz.

Piezoelectric ceramic are generally manufactured from PZT (Pb - lead, Zr - zirconium, Ti - titanium). The PZT- formulation can be varied with a variety of dopants allowing for a broad spectrum of material properties optimized for different application profiles.

Yuhai Company is able to manufacture piezoelectric ceramic elements in a wide range of shapes and sizes. piezoelectric discs, piezo rings, piezo plates, and piezo tubes (cylinders) is the main shapes Yuhai Company most frequently manufactures, we also have a great deal of experience manufacturing hemispheres, trapezoids and other customized shapes.

If the listed shapes and sizes was not the elements you are looking for, please contact us for more information. We can work with you to create the correct shape and size for you.

PZT Piezoelectric Elements

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