Talking about mixed light source technology

When talking about new light sources, everyone should first think of LEDs, and then it is a bullish laser source. However, the most popular light source technology in the near future is the laser LED hybrid light source, which really makes everyone a bit surprised. In fact, the latest laser LED hybrid light source has been developed to the second generation technology, and the first generation of hybrid light source technology in 2010 has a big difference.

For the business education field, the amount of projector is large, the bulb consumption is fast, and the late investment becomes the biggest trouble; for the engineering field, the ultra-high brightness engineering projector is like Warcraft, because the brightness and life of the bulb are inversely proportional, each Warcraft projector is It is "the devil who eats the light bulb." The initial purpose of developing a new light source is actually pure, in order to obtain a long-life light source, to overcome the short-lived problems of traditional light sources. LED, once represented as a solid-state light source, a new hope for a new direction in the new light source market. LED has many advantages, such as wide color gamut, long life, relatively low heat generation and low power consumption. But the fatal flaws of LEDs have also disappointed countless industry insiders, that is, the brightness is too low. The brightest LED light source at this stage has a brightness of only 1000 lumens.

For the time being, the price of 1000 lumens can only reach the brightness level of low-end models around 2000 years, and because the brightness is too low, the color and display effect are difficult to play normally, which means that it is difficult to meet the user's use. demand. Pre-increasing the brightness of LEDs is quite difficult, facing three major problems: A. Materials, cost is too high, and the technology is not mature; B. Changing the module architecture, increasing the quantity, volume and heat dissipation are not easy to control; C. Changing the package form, now There is no qualitative breakthrough in the stage. These are the three mountains that hinder the development of LEDs, and there are still many problems in the details, and the further development of LEDs has become an unfinished task.

Under the condition that LEDs are not strong, many scientific research institutions have turned to more promising and more powerful laser light sources. This development is also difficult: the control problem is solved, the directional problem is overcome, and the problem of high energy density is solved, but there are still many problems. Lasers are used as non-light sources, all of which are advantages; but as a light source, all features are shortcomings or drawbacks. In the end, overcoming the ultra-pure features of low-cost, can never be overcome.

When everyone was full of ambitions, some experts pondered the hybrid light source. Combining the technical characteristics of the two large light sources, working together, using the excellent color characteristics of the LED light source, combined with the characteristics of high laser brightness, the laser LED light source debuts. A hybrid light source will not be a new technology in a strict sense, but a new application, just as many outstanding innovations in history have actually started with breaking the rules.

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