White light LED phosphor technology development new direction

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" January issue Tang Guirong]

In the past three years, the mainstream white LED phosphors in the market have YAG yttrium aluminum garnet phosphors, silicate phosphors and nitrogen (oxygen) compounds. In the white LED package, the phosphor can play a finishing role, and the converted light effect and display index have a great influence on the LED illumination. "The phosphors of different manufacturers, even the phosphors with the same material system, have different degrees of influence on the reliability of white LEDs," said the director of the Rare Earth Marketing Department in the summer.

In the next 2 to 3 years, the new nitrogen (oxygen) phosphor and high-efficiency aluminate yellow-green phosphor will change the original compound composition, and have improved brightness and display index, which is more suitable for general illumination. In addition, in some of the lighting products, the phosphor will gradually deviate from the original powder form, in order to reduce some packaging links, change the traditional rubber powder mixing process, and make the LED lighting appearance simpler and more flexible.
Liu Xiao, the general manager of Intel Micro Optoelectronics China, told the Gaogong LED reporter: "Now we mainly break through two points, brightness and cost. Then patents, patents have always been a relatively tangled problem."

High index, high brightness tends to balance

In the case of using phosphors, the color rendering index and brightness cannot be balanced, which is the most urgent problem to be solved for LED lighting at present. "Although the index of 90 can be achieved at present, if the index is increased, the brightness and illuminance will be reduced." Chen Weili, the agent of Taiwan Hongdae phosphors, said.

It is understood that a single yellow phosphor and blue chip are currently used on the market, and the color rendering index is only 60-70, which is not suitable for general illumination. If you want to increase the color rendering index to 80, the brightness will drop to 10%-20% immediately. Chen Weili exemplifies that if it is 10lm LED lighting, in order to reach 90 indicators, the brightness will drop to 6lm, so the phosphor manufacturers will not be "thicker."

Phosphor is a key material for converting LED blue chip into white light. However, the traditional method of increasing the index will increase the cost. This is because when the index is increased, the brightness will be attenuated if a certain brightness is to be achieved. It is necessary to increase the number of LEDs to achieve.

The high-efficiency yellow-green powder combined with the high-efficiency red powder can achieve high brightness of the entire white LED. In this way, for the existing white LED, it is possible to simultaneously improve the color rendering index and the luminous flux by optimizing the combination of the red powder and the yellow green powder. "This is the situation of the entire industry in the next two to three years, and the direction of the entire technology," said the summer.

The good news is that high-efficiency yellow-green powder has been found on the market; the brightness of red powder has also been improved step by step, and now it has reached a certain level, but due to its high cost, the selling price is more expensive. “In the second half of this year, the price of phosphors will be more reasonable and the application will be more extensive.”

For more information, please refer to the January issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine.

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