Three technical directions for the development of LED lighting technology in 2012

As an outdoor application, high-power LED lamps not only need to solve the problems of uniformity and brightness, but also have certain requirements in terms of light distribution, that is, the coverage area should be large enough, and the light can be stretched left and right. In this way, real-aware LED lighting can be realized. Combined with the current application status of LED high-power outdoor lighting, in 2012, its technology research and development will focus on the following aspects:

First, improve the light extraction efficiency and luminous flux, reduce the thermal resistance of the package, improve the secondary optical design, and improve the brightness of the LED light source;

Second, to strengthen the research and development of power systems, high-power LED lamps need constant current drive power, in order to ensure the constant output power of LED lamps, especially the current situation of unstable supply voltage supply in China, this point is more important;

Third, strengthen the research and development of LED chips , achieve core technology autonomy, and further reduce the cost of LED lighting.

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3"~5" Speaker 76~128mm

3" Speaker 78Mm Speaker,3.5" Speaker 89Mm Speaker,3.6" Speaker 91Mm Speaker,4" Speaker 102Mm Speaker

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