Gaogong LED United Nations Securities launched 2012 LED industry research report

Recently, China's well-known emerging industry research and consulting organization - the High Industrial Research Institute and the national large-scale comprehensive securities company - Guosen Securities has launched a large-scale LED industry research report - "the industry has bright prospects, preferred mid-stream and downstream packaging quality enterprises."

This is the last year after the joint Shenwan study, officially released the "4Q11 LED industry analysis and investment strategy report", the High Industrial Research Institute once again with the domestic large brokerage research institutions jointly released the LED industry authoritative investment report.

The following is a summary of the report:

LED market capacity is huge, the industry has bright prospects

High-tech LED forecast, in 2012, China's LED industry application value exceeded 150.4 billion yuan, an increase of 30%. Driven by the national support policy, the strong demand for downstream LED street lamps and commercial lighting will drive the rapid growth of the domestic LED industry application value, and the industry growth rate is expected to be above 25% in the next three years.

8 billion LED road lighting procurement plan is about to be released, expecting follow-up support policy

Recently, any student of the China Environmental Management Committee revealed that the China Environmental Management Committee will arrange 8 billion central budget extra-budgetary funds to purchase 4 million LED high-efficiency road lighting products during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. The procurement of the Environmental Management Committee directly reflects the importance attached to the development of the LED industry at the national level. The State Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission issued a financial subsidy promotion project for LED lighting products. The bidding announcement for the company has also been announced on February 27. The follow-up policy on LED lighting products is expected to be introduced. The state's subsidy policy for LED lighting products will promote the industry. Rapid development.

The continuous implementation of policies to support LED applications and the continuous maturity of LED application products and applications in countries and regions around the world will directly drive the rapid growth of China's LED application market in 2012.

Upstream chip technology advancement and price reduction to improve the cost performance of LED lighting products

The rapid improvement of LED chip technology will improve the luminous efficiency, which will reduce the cost of LED chip materials, and will also reduce the cost of supporting materials such as heat sinks, and ultimately reduce the overall cost of LED lighting products. Large-scale investment in the industry since 2009 has promoted the rapid release of chip production capacity. Since 2011, the average price of chips has dropped by 40%. The decline in the price of upstream chips will help reduce costs and improve the price/performance advantages of LED lighting products and general energy-saving lighting products.

LED lighting industry spring "turning point" has arrived

Gaogong LED expects domestic LED indoor lighting output value and LED street lamp output value to increase by 65% ​​and 62% respectively in 2012. At the same time, according to the high-tech LED industry feedback, the 1Q industry-wide orders in 2012 have begun to pick up. The industrial spring "turning point" has already appeared.

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