Chasing fat pigs into the living room, outdoor film is called cool! Meterless screen TV CC Reviews

From black-and-white TV to color TV, from picture tube to LCD screen, from large-scale demand to home theater enjoyment... Era is developing, technology is improving, and people’s life needs are changing again and again. Sometimes it feels a bit behind the times. pace. What is the most obscene in the 21st century Here has just finished the glass crane crane, 120-inch big screen also hung in the air, over there micro-projection TV has easily take home, 300-inch giant screen already boot to enjoy; when you are waiting for the epidemic weekend at home waiting At that time, people had already eaten hot pots and sang songs to stir up the wilderness. In 2015, Nomi Screen TV became the first smart micro investment product in the domestic market. As of April 2016, it completed three rounds of financing with a valuation of RMB 1.5 billion. In recent days, Miji has launched a new home smart screenless TV: CCTV, a screenless TV, has raised video and audio entertainment to the extreme on a small cube, once again hitting traditional TV. The author started with a paragraph, the following simple talk about this new experience.


As the main audio and video products with “freedom and casualness”, the packaging of TV screenless TV CC has changed from a color match to a calm black wind in the past and played a small freshness. Pure white and neat wind chrome make CC's packaging look elegant and friendly, and the gold-plated Logo design adds a touch of elegance to it.

The size of the CCTV screenless TV CC package is 185 × 176 × 209 mm. The packaging structure adopts an up and down pull-out design. Compared with the traditional product, the open box design has better integrity, but the initial opening requires some patience. Still quite compact. The word "XGIMI" printed on the top of the package indicates that this is a product of a family of meters.

When the lid is opened, the CC of the screenless TV is exposed. Although it is still "covered and concealed," the front cover of the leather handle and the texture of the cloth have shown a different style from the previous generations. . Especially on the top of the cortical handles, the design common on bags appears on screenless televisions, which does give a fresh look.

The meterless TV CC accessory layer is located directly below the fuselage and is equipped with a Remote Control, manual/warranty card and power adapter. The manual box warranty card is very rare in recent years, as a smart projection, it can give a good operation tips and tutorials at boot time, so in the past there was only a quick guide. However, relatively detailed specifications are still very much in demand for many traditional users, and the emergence of this pole rice CC will be a complete success of this aspect.

CC's remote controller uses No. 7 battery power and is easier to replace and purchase than button battery users. In addition, 3D glasses that were delivered by previous generations of products are not included in this accessory. Users who like 3D may need to configure themselves. However, there is no less to initiate the purchase of gifts, and it is still not known whether the extra distribution is available.


The name of No-Screen TV CC is taken to mean "Creative Cube", which means "Infinite Cube." CC's body size is small, only the palm width, silver-white metal shell with the same color sense slider, fashion handsome. The top hand-made band made of selected Nordic cow scalp is even more a blessing. It's easy to mention that giant-screen TV is on the way out, which is still rare in the field of current micro-investment. Although CC is compact, it brings more freedom.

The slide boot is still a continuation of the CC as a major feature of the screenless TV. Only compared to the previous generations of products, the CC protection lens design is more bold and directly integrated with the front panel. The surface is covered with high-grade cloth covered with silver thread. The upper left corner has a striking "JBL" logo, but you should never think that CC is a new JBL speaker. After all, this "creative cube" is not only simple as a speaker.

Although it is not a speaker product, the Rami CC can indeed become a superb sound device. This time, in addition to the pursuit of a more beautiful sound quality, Journey's deep cooperation with JBL, the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer, is creating a new music model that is also the meaning of CC. CC built-in 40mm large-diameter dual-speaker unit and bass passive diaphragm, the outer surface is covered with a silver metal rectangular mesh fence, the shape is also very curious.

The slider has a correspondingly larger damping effect. If you slide the slider to the bottom, you can see the “deep” logo and the “big eyes” lens, and the meter CC will start up. This feeling is much cooler than pressing an ordinary power button. It is worth mentioning that the CC meter first joined the auto-focus function (the dot of the lens next to the camera is the focus camera), which is a function that even the former flagship H1 had not had.

CC also uses a high-transmission coating lens, the small edge of the lens indicates the projection ratio of 1.2:1, the resolution is 720P, although not full HD, but this is enough for the main free-portable CC. The lens surface covers Corning Gorilla Glass, preventing the lens from being scratched and scratched. The autofocus camera next to it supports 3-second autofocus, which is undoubtedly more convenient for the CC that comes with it.

The top handle of CC-less screen TV CC is selected from the Nordic bull scalp, the impact of traditional materials and metal technology, has brought a good visual effect. The key is to feel very comfortable and it is easy to carry it on the hand. Just don't know if you can saturate the sweat in your palm and it is essential to change regularly.

The rear side of the top of the CC without screen TV is the control area under the audio mode, using five button design, touch operation. CC supports both Wi-Fi stereo and Bluetooth stereo speaker modes, enabling indoor network playback with high quality and outdoor Bluetooth connectivity. At the same time, in addition to combining Baidu music with CC, CC also unites 蜻蜓FM, and all kinds of good radio stations and story jokes can be easily heard. It is believed that the Q-quality CC meter sound quality will not be disappointing after the professional adjustment of the Gold Ear Lab.

The externally installed upper meter CC does not do much articles, a headphone jack, two USB jacks, a high-definition jack, nothing more, it can basically meet the daily use and input requirements. Power outlets and connectors are designed in a row. Below are two rows of barrier-type heat sinks that look a bit scary and escort for CC's normal work.

There is no need to say at the bottom, there are anti-skid feet on the four corners, and the middle position is the screw hole that fits with the bracket and hanger. In order to get a better projection effect in actual use, an adjustable stand such as a tripod is still indispensable.

Polar rice without screen TV CC net weight 1.6Kg, one-handedly mentioning is not difficult. The outstanding flexibility makes CC usage scenarios more extensive than similar products. Family leisure and entertainment can not be confined to a room or a place; company equipment can also be used for small meetings, business meetings, staff entertainment, etc.; it can even be taken outdoors for viewing, party and so on. The most powerful thing is that CC's built-in, 20,000mAh rechargeable battery, which is rarely found on the market, breaks the space constraint, and the time is no longer a problem. It is truly a "happy demand."


A good smart micro-projection product not only has the “face value” at first sight, but also the projection effect, sound quality and performance experience are more important. After all, we buy it for use, not for decoration.

Hardware configuration on the pole meter CC has inherited the m-meter has always been the big screen concept, 720P, 350ANSI lumens light machine with extreme color R color management engine and 27 quality and color enhancement technology for the pole meter CC in the projection 100 inch giant screen Full of confidence. What is the quality of CC? Let's first take a look at the picture quality of CC.

HD movie screen effects:

4K video projection:

High-definition picture (1920*1080) projection effect:

Original comparison:

It can be seen from the above several sets of proofs that the pole meter CC has a resolution of only 720P, but thanks to the increase in brightness, the square pixel frame and the overall image quality of the color processing technology are still very satisfying. In comparison with the original image, we can see that the CC-treated screen is slightly colder (the actual projection effect is better than the shooting effect), but the overall control of the color is still very good, too yellow, too purple The phenomenon did not appear. In addition to the excellent picture quality display, CCTV screenless TV CC also supports active shutter 3D imaging technology, not only can enjoy giant screen high-definition television, but also bring 3D theater shock.

In terms of system performance, Rami CC still uses the custom GMUI system based on Android, equipped with a high-performance 64-bit dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, Mali-T720MP2 GPU, 1GB of memory + 16GB flash memory, supports 4K hard decoding, not only supports most of the high Bit rate video, common apps, games, etc. can run smoothly.

In addition, the addition of the autofocus function also allows the ultra-mi CC to use this portable non-screen TV in multiple scenes. The 3s autofocus that the official claims is very effective in the actual experience, whether it is after power on or in use, the focus is It is very fast and has high sensitivity. Therefore, you should try to avoid touching the bracket in the movie. Although the 3s is not long, it is difficult to avoid watching the movie.

In operation mode, except for the unique body button operation under the speaker mode, the pole meter CC uses the remote controller for normal operation. CC is specially equipped with a white and black color remote control for the silver body. The use of Bluetooth remote control technology, 360 ° no dead ends, a lot easier than the traditional infrared remote control. At the same time, the operation of voice commands is supported, which not only facilitates the operation but also facilitates the use of the elderly and children.

There is also a function dial at the bottom of the remote control. When the user is not satisfied with the result of the autofocus, you can choose manual focusing. This function is very practical on the H1 and is also a must-use function, but it is only a spare tire design on the CC. It is estimated that the use should be Not much.

In addition to the remote control, in the case of networked devices, CC also supports the mobile phone terminal and the WeChat remote control of Nami Screenless Assistant App. The App operation has been launched in Mimi earlier devices, and the WeChat control should be in the near future. Developed, compared to the App, the WeChat free installation mode is more easily accepted, but the function is currently relatively less than the App side. But no matter what kind of method, picking up the mobile phone is still very much in line with the current mainstream demand for mobile phone control. The meter assistant also supports mobile content screening to CC, which is very convenient.

In addition to the Mango TV and Baidu music, which have been cooperating with the Extremely Rice series, CCTV has added a domestically renowned iQIYI to its video resources. Whether it is a newly-increased genuine resource or a massive amount of inventory, it is believed to be sufficient for everyone's film and television needs. However, the audio and video experience brought by JBL and JBL audio is not comparable to traditional TV. In addition, there are many updates under the games and daily application sections. The game houses a variety of game rooms, and the application section also customizes several K songs for CC.

The following is a real shot of the author's daily experience:

In addition to the enjoyment of the cinematic giant screen in the actual experience, the full sound quality displayed by the CC has also impressed me greatly. JBL quality and the “Golden Ear Lab” really deserved reputation. Although the author's experience picture is taken from home, but the big-screen CC's big-screen experience is not limited to this, CC's built-in 20000mAh battery supports endurance for five hours, you can see two movies to listen to 120 songs, and 16GB machine The body memory can hold 20 sets of serials or 4,000 songs. As the author said earlier, taking a CC to go outside to eat hot pot or party singing KTV is a very good choice.


As a new product released by Ramimi, screenless TV CC has the same meaning as its name: unlimited creativity. A Cube with a bold design, you can play movies, listen to music and play games at home in your spare time. You can enjoy long journeys to accompany your journey while you travel. You can enjoy the romance of the rooftop movies and the refreshing singing together when making party and dating... CC The design of portable smart features and functions meets the different needs of different people and maximizes the width of life. At the same time as a mid-range model, it is also more easily accepted by people at a price of only 2,799 yuan. Of course, if the official can improve the performance of the system, it will be even better to join more than 2GB of storage. After all, in the era of QQ, it is necessary to play with high performance.

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