Xinhaiyi intends to use up to 50 million yuan of idle fundraising to supplement working capital

On July 25, Xinhaiyi issued a notice on the temporary replenishment of working capital using some of the idle raised funds. The company decided to use the idle raised funds of no more than 50 million yuan to temporarily replenish the working capital for a period of not more than 6 months from the date of approval by the shareholders' meeting. The idle raised funds used for temporary replenishment of working capital accounted for the raised funds. The amount is 16.64%.

Xin Haiyi pointed out that due to the continuous expansion of the company's business scale and the further increase of fixed assets, the company's liquidity is insufficient, and the full and appropriate use of some idle raised funds to supplement the working capital can effectively improve the company's capital use efficiency and further reduce the company's financial costs. Under the premise of not affecting the normal operation of the raised capital investment plan, it is conducive to maximizing the interests of shareholders.

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