LG mass production of plastic electronic paper display in April in Europe

LG mass production plastic electronic paper display March 31 news, according to technology website BGR reports, LG announced on Thursday the world's first plastic electronic paper display, claiming that the e-book market will usher in a "revolution."

LG mass-produced plastic e-paper display launched in Europe in April (picture from BGR)

LG said that the 6-inch resolution 1024x768 electronic paper is very flexible, only 0.7mm thick, maximum bending 40 degrees. The electronic paper display screen is as thick as a protective film of an ordinary mobile phone, and the 1.5 m high drop test and rubber hammer knocking test prove that the product has a good performance in terms of flexibility.

LG announced that this plastic electronic paper display has already begun mass production, will be first supplied to ODM manufacturers in China, and will be launched in Europe early next month.

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