LED display LED smart tube in the spring of 2012

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the most eye-catching "eyeball" is the unpredictable and beautiful 3D stage.
It is understood that this 3D stereo stage is the stage created by Shenzhen Jinlixiang Technology Co., Ltd., which uses 8000 square meters of LED display unit to create the world's most indoor visual broadcast unit area. The stage floor, ceiling, side and stage background walls and decorative columns are equipped with LED color screens; the stage is also equipped with 304 lifting platforms, infrared LED tubes , and the side of the lifting platform is also equipped with color screens. All the faces of the stage are screens, but the screens are completely controlled, realizing a 360-degree visual effects stage.
With so many elevators in the Spring Festival Evening, the purpose is to quickly and easily build a variety of shapes; with the top video display technology, the Spring Festival Evening stage can realistically simulate various environments, and can quickly switch before different scenarios. The stage ground can be instantly blocked into a block of mountains, LED ceiling lamps, and also like the ups and downs of water waves, LED smart lights, can also flow like a waterfall, the water splashes. The 360-degree stage of the Year of the Dragon and the Spring Festival Evening, with the unique HD visual effects screen, the special effects are very amazing, and the realistic level makes the audience feel immersive.

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