Gome online shopping mall Spring Festival sales with Wangjia grid purchase

During the Spring Festival holiday, the home grid purchase market is booming. According to Gome's online store, the most obvious feeling this year is that the Spring Festival sales should be the off-season market. This year's home grid purchases are extremely prosperous. 3D TV, iPhone4S, Canon, Nikon SLR cameras, and small appliances accounted for over 80% of sales during the Spring Festival. In particular, sales of home appliances increased by 300% from the previous month.

In the home grid purchase during the Spring Festival holiday, TV sales accounted for the largest proportion. According to the data, many families choose to change TV during the Spring Festival holiday, so that reunion families can watch a big-size TV together.

Especially in the second-tier cities, the trend of home grid purchases tends to be obvious. Gome Online Mall has the largest logistics network system in the country, and all the home appliances realize localized logistics, fast delivery and installation, and the professionalism of traditional channel dealers will popularize the purchase of grids. To a crucial role.

Since the supporting services of large online shopping malls and the consumption habits of netizens have been developed, TVs and refrigerators can now be easily purchased online.

Cash on delivery, door-to-door delivery, and online can easily compare prices, no bargaining, industry insiders said that because Gome's own online and offline comprehensive access, the nationwide coverage of logistics and services, prompting the rapid formation of the grid purchase market, Gome Online Mall will undoubtedly play a leading role.

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