Tianlong Optoelectronics revised Q1 performance forecast estimated net profit loss of 10 million - 15 million yuan

On April 4, 2013, Tianlong Optoelectronics disclosed the first quarter 2013 results forecast. The report predicts that the company's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first quarter of 2013 will be 20 million to 25 million yuan.

On April 23, Tianlong Optoelectronics released the 2013 Q1 performance correction notice. The company's revised forecast is: It is estimated that the net profit loss of the shareholders of the listed company in Q1 2013 will be 10 million yuan - 15 million yuan.

Tianlong Optoelectronics said that the reason for correcting the Q1 performance forecast is: According to the 2012 annual report audit report, the company made provision for the bad debt provision of the accounts, and re-adjusted the provision for bad debts of the receivables, thus forming a difference. .

The company stated that the specific data for the first quarter of 2013 will be disclosed in detail in the company's 2013 first quarter report.

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